May 31, 2004

Tall Grass Crib


You may have noticed how rare cleanly designed baby furniture is. Architect and craftman Christopher Ross noticed, and did something about it. His firm, Hiccup, makes great-looking cribs, dresser/changing tables, and more for the Tall Grass Collection.

The Tall Grass Crib has clean lines and slightly wavy spindles, and is made of natural or whitewashed beechwood. It's been around since 1999, but I never found it in our extensive crib search; classify this as an inexplicably well-kept secret.

Tall Grass Crib is available from Hiccup for $990.

1 Comment

We were given a Tall grass crib but it didn’t have any instructions on how to put it together. I have all the pieces but really need the instructions Can any one help a new Dad to be?

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