May 30, 2004

Loews 34th Street (Reel Moms), 312 W 34th St between 8th & 9th Avenues - NO

My wife went to Troy (enough with the chick flicks, Loews), took the kid down the escalator to the restroom, NO changing table. She changed the diaper on the counter, but the kid's wiggling kept setting off the hand dryer. Startling, but funny.

After the movie, the Reel Moms Regulars hustled their kids out and started changing them en masse on the lobby floor, little bodies scattered around like... like a Greek battlefield.


I have been to that Loews with my daughter ... there are "secret" restrooms on the top floor where they screen the movies that have changing tables. There are unmarked doors in the hallway to the right as you come up the escalators. One of the Loews staff pointed them out to me when I inquired. There are at least 2 or 3 rooms.

When we've attended Reel Moms screenings at that theater, we just change our daughter right in the theater like everyone else... just use the landing area when you first enter the theater. There's enough ambient light from the walkway and you are mostly out of the way -- plus you can still watch the movie.

PS - I hear you on the chick flicks... that's mainly why we have not been going.

Haven't been to this particular one yet, but the Baby Pictures web page says that they provide a diaper changing area in the theatre so that parents don't just change their kids on the theatre floor ... something about "hygiene".

I changed my daughter on the seat next to me during the movie. No problem at all, and no-one seemed to mind.

BTW, I heard that the fantastic Zatoichi is screening at Reel Moms this week, but they don't seem to have updated the Web page lately. I saw Zatoichi at the Tribeca Film Festival a few weeks back. It's great, and definitely no chick flick.

Zatoichi?? Excellent. I posted on my other site,, a link to a story that Miramax may give Zatoichi's theaters to Farenheit 9/11, thus pushing its opening back until Aug. or even later.

It'd be nice to get a jump on seeing it.

Mass diaper change musta smelled like hell

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