May 29, 2004

Father's Day Gift List Roundup

Here are some father's day gift recommendations from around the web:

Pokkadots, a cool mom's cool online store
On the list: several cool diaper bags--including Chris Martin's camo Diaper Dude bag, for wannabe rockstar dads--massage oil for after the kid goes to sleep; and a cool "boob man" hat--presumably, for the kid. Did I mention they're cool? (Thanks, Jen!)]

Babies R Us/Amazon:
"Get him a jogging stroller and save yourself the shipping costs" list
"Whatever we think remotely relates to new dads" list [Please don't buy that rocking chair through Daddy Types; I don't want it on my conscience.]
"Because daddies and grandpas must want to collect useless personalized tchotchkes as much as mommies and grandmas!" list [ditto]

daddayimage.jpgThe Grooming Lounge, favorite haunt for DC's lobbyist fops (who are apparently still working through some issues with their fathers)
"FOR THE DAD WHO 'ALWAYS LIKED YOUR BROTHER BEST'": includes a Panasonic nosehair trimmer, love handle cream, and a back waxing kit [Call me old fashioned, but in my family, my dad's back hair was--and is--strictly his business.]

Crafty Gift Baskets' suggestion to almost guarantee (99%) dad'll never change a diaper: Daddy's Diaper Dootie Tool Belt [Want to push that to an even 100%? Tell him you saw it on The View]

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I find it interesting that todays dad is expected and wants to be more involved, yet there are very few products out there for him. Who is that diaper cake really for? Or the camo diaper bag with Girl in large pink letters?

A few years ago, while trying to find a gift for a co-worker who had stated several times that "his baby wasn't going to were yellow". I realized that there were very few gifts for new dads. Everything is cutsie & made for mom or baby. The Manly Dad idea was born & I wrote a funny verse Manly Dad Verse for a gift card to go with it. He thought it was great and encouraged me to start my own business. It doesn't matter if the baby is a boy or girl. This isn't for the baby, it's for the dad to use. Most men don't want to wear babyish stuff. My husband is very manly and even he would have used this if I would have thought of it 19 years ago.

I make these in a variety of prints such as Advantage & Military Camo, Sports, American Chopper, Cowboy/Western, Joe Boxer (football), camping, John Deere, fishing, Handyman Tools, Casino; Babes in the Woods, Big Dog and golf. They even come with camo, measuring tape or sport type ribbon. Yes, that is to appeal to the moms. They're a hit at Coed and Guy/Boys Only baby showers. The Dads that I have given or sold them to love them. Moms love them too. Best thing about a Manly Dad Burp Cloth is that you won't find it in a "Baby Boutique"

If you're still not sure if this is for you, see the Top Ten Reason

Feel free to contact me for more information.

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