May 27, 2004

Taggies: Entertaining Doodad-covered Blankets

Taggies.comDouble dad Bill Brown writes in, "I just bought two baby blankets that my girls adore. They're called Taggies, and they're nice fleece blankets with tags of all sorts sewn around the edges...I can't emphasize enough how much my daughters love these things."

The Taggies tagline is "Conceived by Babies. Made by Moms."ô Guess it's good to know that parents don't have to do all the conceiving around here.


I have seen this hanging in certain Brooklyn art galleries. Pricetag, $1000.

My kid - six months old - can spend thirty minutes at a pop examining the tags on his stuffed animals. I'm gonna get him one of these blankets; he may be busy 'til he's thirteen.

We had just heard of these things, but when I saw your post my wife and I checked it out and placed our order! Can't wait to see our 6 month old daughter freak out with‡¨µ¦ the tags... by far her favorite part of any toy.

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