May 24, 2004

Because You Asked For It: Trixie Tracker

trixie_tracker_logo.gif, image: trademark Trixie Telemetry, LLC
By popular demand, Ben MacNeil has introduced Trixie Tracker, a hosted version of Trixie Telemetry, the intensely analytical, easy-to-use baby management software he developed to pass along his daughter's daily activities after his wife went back to work. It rolls up daily feeding, diaper, and sleep data to show trends and troubleshoot developmental issues.

Beta testing will start soon. Alpha is, of course, visible on Trixie Update.


I was really interested in the code ...until they mentioned that it was going to be a hosted solution and not open source. Never mind.

(yes, there's mention of a free version, but I could've written my own by now.)

so how's the new daddy stuff going? have a look at my blog and let me know your thoughts.

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