May 22, 2004

Vintage (seriously) Ikea Highchair

Nowadays, "Vintage Ikea" means the stained foam sofa your old roommate was too lazy to haul to the street. But Ikea's actually been singing their "good design, but affordable" song for over fifty years. In 1969, when this Dino Highchair was introduced, the company only had a handful of stores in Scandinavia.

Designed by Ikea R&D folks Charlotte Rude and Hjordis Ohlsson-Une, the Dino was made out of tubular steel and plastic. They figured that the safest design should have a wide, circular base, no footrest, and no tray. From about 6 months on, a kid would eat at the table with the rest of the family. The result: A generation of Swedish teens who are inexplicably drawn to (the foreign sport) basketball.

from the exhibition catalogue for Kid Size: The Material World of Childhood

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I was born the year Dino introduced, and mun & dad bought one at IKEA, Stockholm. Now Im trying to find one, just for nostalgic reasons. But I cant find one anywhere. Ive search all over the internet with no result.

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