May 18, 2004

Bugaboo et al: Out of Africa

Maybe they haven't seen enough Sex and the City. The Washington Post Foreign Service reports that strollers are just not popular in Kenya. Marketed as prams (and unloaded from lorries, I guess), strollers are seen as cold, distant cages and an affront to the traditional mode of transporting a baby, slung across a mother's back.

It's not that Kenyans reject modernity, explains one stroller salesgirl who's clearly not on commission, it's just that they don't want to "damage the relationship between a mother and a child."

maya wrap sling, as modeled by the owner's husband, image: mayawrap.comSuggestions, people? Here's one from the "When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail" department of Daddy Types: market prams to African dads, whose complete absence in the article obviously means they're worried that a sling makes them look fat.

In fact, it only makes you look like a hippie. Kick it Kenyan-style yourself with a baby sling from Maya Wrap. Available in a range of fabrics that match nothing you own. [Thanks, Matt!]

1 Comment

"We can't stop being African women just because we are suddenly thrust into the modern world. What next? They will tell us to stop breast feeding in public? No way."

That was my favorite quote from that article. *grin*

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