May 10, 2004

Mom Invented TP Saver

Also from the International Juvenile Products Show: Mom Inventors ("Moms helping moms!") announced their latest product, TP Saver, designed to "baby proof your toilet paper!" TP Saver prevents your adventurous little kid from unfurling the whole roll of toilet paper onto the floor. It also works well for RVs or boats, wherever motion may cause the roll to unroll on its own.

From the diagram, the Mom Invented TP Saver looks like a large, elastic tampon. A "Dad Invented" one would, of course, have been magazine-shaped.

1 Comment

I have a new product that assists a parent whe carrying an infant-seat. It is the 'Baby Lift' strap. Go to to veiw it. I hope you find it useful!!


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