May 9, 2004

Mom's Abacus

moms_abacus.jpegBebesounds, "the juvenile products division of Unisar, Inc.," makes the best argument for dads to be involved in child care.

While Ben MacNeil is writing software to take parenting into the 21st century with TrixieUpdate, Bebesounds launched a new product at the International JPMA Show last week in Dallas that sets newborn care back 2,500 years:

Unisar Inc.
Momís Abacus

Moms have to keep track of babyís "input" and "output" for their doctors by counting feedings and wet and dirty diapers changed. Most mothers forget to write down these numbers or try to remember them. Momís Abacus does this easily and even reminds Mom which side she nursed on last.

Celebrate Mother's Day--and help the forgetful little lady of the house with that oh-so-hard math by ordering Mom's Abacus at ($14.99)

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