May 5, 2004

Dr. Brown's Bottle for Colicky Babies

dr_browns.jpegIt's not just a bottle, it's a way of life. Jonathan recommended the Dr Brown's Baby Feeding System for dealing with a colicky, gassy, or spit-up-prone kid.

We tried it, and it works as advertised; since our kid is a pretty smooth eater, though, our results aren't terribly dramatic. Digging and asking around, I've found something of a cult of Dr. Brown's; apparently, it changes the lives of a lot of colicky kids and fussy eaters.

How does it work? Like any other vented bottle, the goal is to cut down or eliminate the air bubbles a baby takes in. Brown's does this with a sieve under the nipple attached to a vent that sits inside the bottle like a fat, Pulp Fiction-style syringe. One caveat: although it comes with a little wire scrub brush, the tiny openings might be a pain to clean without a dishwasher.

They're for sale singly for around $7, or you can buy a 3-pack of Dr. Brown's bottles at Babies R Us/Amazon for $12.99


Glad you found them helpful!

I've lost the directions that came with these bottles,and I just sold them on eBay.Any idea where I can get another copy?Thanks...Foster

Foster: You should just write to Handicraft. My wife emailed them over the weekend to complain that the crummy wire brush was falling apart, and two days later we got an envelope with two newer! bigger! longer! brushes. No doubt they'd cough up a set of instructions; see the "Contact" page -- or just check out the animations:

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