April 25, 2004

Privacy and terms of use

It's actually July 25, 2004, but since this is the first time--because of the t-shirt thing--that I'm receiving people's personal information, I thought I'd better make a quick statement about how Daddy Types collects, uses or shares such data.

I backdated this so that it doesn't get stuck on top of the site for the week I'm traveling to Japan. Boooring.

If you provide your personal information--including any combination of name, email address, real world address, telephone numbers, or any financial/payment/credit card information--to Daddy Types, it wil not be distributed, sold, rented, or shared with any partner, solicitor, vendor, or third party.

I can conceive of a situation where I'd use an external service provider to, say, conduct a survey or something, or to run a mailing list; in such a situation, Daddy Types would only do select a provider that preserves the privacy of your data and that doesn't harvest/use it for themselves or others.

I can also envision sending out updates or Daddy Types-related news or announcements someday to people who have commented, emailed, or otherwise provided their contact information. If it's more than a once-in-a-rare-while thing, I'll ask for your consent and interest, and send only to those people who respond affirmatively. For example, long after my Palm Vx died, I started getting tons of announcements and newsletters from the Palm Store. I found it very presumptuous and annoying. I would never do that without asking your permission.

Comments and identifying data you post on Daddy Types (ie., name, email, and/or URL) is technically accessible to the public, so keep that in mind when you comment. Movable Type does have some protection built in to hide your email address from spam spiders, though.

I don't and wouldn't claim ownership of your comments. By posting something on the site, you grant Daddy Types a non-exclusive license in perpetuity to use your post as Daddy Types sees fit, to edit it for length or content, to republish it any any form, medium, language or venue without further consideration accruing to you. [ie., you won't get paid anything if a comment you made on Daddy Types gets republished or reprinted somewhere, however unlikely a scenario that seems at this moment...]

This license is transferable. With regards to this post and/or comment-related content, you authorize Daddy Types to act on your behalf, and do grant Daddy Types the right to enable publication, distribution, or other use of your posts and comments by another party, without further consideration. [ie., if someone besides Daddy Types wants to republish or license the content you put on Daddy Types, Daddy Types is able to front for your content. And you still don't get paid, but remember, you're not getting paid for commenting on someone else's weblog.] In any situtation and to the extent possible, Daddy Types will give appropriate credit for comment-related content and attribute it to its original authors.

If you email me stuff, like tips, advice, or your own experiences, I'm assuming you're meaning it for publication, quoting, or posting unless you specify otherwise. So if you don't want me to write about something you tell me via email, or if you don't want me to attribute it to you, please say so in your communication. So far, my practice when quoting or sourcing is to mention someone's first name or nickname only. I don't need Daddy Types to dominate--or even show up in--your vanity Google searches. If you're in the public sphere yourself--if, for example, you have a weblog or some other publicly available incarnation--my practice is to mention it and link where appropriate, and to use your full or public name. Again, if this isn't to your liking, let me know.

When I'm not swamped, I'll sometimes edit people's comments for typos, etc., or to add links to things they've mentioned. If you have a problem with how your comment appears after you post it, or if you need to have it altered or even deleted for some reason, drop me a line, and I'll try to accommodate you. My default setting is to respect peoples' privacy and not cause them embarassment or pain.

And finally, Daddy Types is not some fluffy PR stunt or sappy group hug. My other default setting is to let critical, even negative comments stand. But just keep in mind that the goal of Daddy Types is to provide practical, useful information; to inform; and, ideally, to entertain. Rants, flamewars, ad hominem comments or attacks, hate speech, or a level of irrationality beyond my own will not be tolerated, and I reserve the right to flush your comments down the worldwide toilet. If you have a seething, violent hatred of something you come across on Daddy Types, go start your own damn weblog and publish it yourself. Who knows, if it's interesting, maybe I'll even link to it. In the mean time, play nice; the kid's asleep in the other room.

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