April 25, 2004

Pimp Daddies

Three's a trend: fathers are pimpin' their kids to movies, TV, fame in general. This is nothing new; Francis Ford Coppola put his weeks-old daughter Sofia in the baptism/murder scene of The Godfather, for example. But between reality TV and the web, I sense a resurgence in popularity:

  • On Who is that with Jeremy, an actor dad is more stay-at-Barnes&Noble than stay-at-home. He gets pictures of his son Jeremy in the arms of any celebrity he can find, including Madonna, Bill Clinton, and the cast of Law & Order.
  • By the second day of his Slate diary, where he mocks the shallow fame-chasing culture of Los Angeles, British ne'er-do-well writer Toby Young tries to get his 9-month old daughter Sasha a bit part in Synergy, a movie by Paul Weitz of American Pie fame.
  • Bravo's documentary series, Showbiz Moms & Dads has only one dad, a plasticky actor whose pushy attempts to live through his kids' acting success surpass any beauty pageant mom's.

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    As a mother of three (sorry, but I do log on Daddy Types from time to time even though I am not a daddy....) I find this trend a bit disturbing. Especially the who is with Jeremy site. I really wonder what little Jeremy is getting out off all this photo taking.

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