April 24, 2004

Test Driving Baby Wipes

Not being big users of baby wipes before having a baby, we had little/no idea which kind to get. So we bought some travelpacks of various brands: Pampers, Huggies, crunchy-organic ones from Whole Foods, some French ones. Sample them all, and in a couple of months, by the time we run out, we'll have figured out which ones to buy again.

Then just before the kid is born, they throw a surprise shower for my wife at work, and someone gave her a box of baby wipes--from Costco. It's as big as a microwave, and has six 100-wipe packs in it. It seems like it'll last forever.

That'd be a problem if the Costco wipes, which are sold under the Kirkland Signature label, weren't the best damn baby wipes we've tried. Soft, strong, cloth-like, unscented, not too damp, they rock. I'd buy them again in a second, or in three months, when we'll finally make a dent in the case we have.


It's funny to read this and realize how similar our experiences are... My mom got us a Costco package as well as our initial load of wipe -- massive supply, but since it ran out we have yet to find anything close to how good they were.

They are tough, yet soft and have no scent which is a bonus. We've tried a few others and since there is no Costo here in NYC without a car, we don't have... we are using other brands until sometime in the unknown future.

Of course, that's not the best similarity: after all, I'm posting about baby wipes on a Saturday Night in NYC, and you're commenting on them.

There's probably no truer new dad experience than that.

Real advice, then, for dads-to-be: Get your ass out on the town while you still can!

how about that I checked back... ;)

my time is late night when mom is resting and the baby is sleeping. It used to be the early am, but that is now for me and the baby.

Kirkland baby wipes are indeed the best. When my wife was pregnant with our first child (#2 is due any day now!) I used to stop to scrutinize the baby wipes at Costco. My wife would remark, "You can't wait to buy a box of those, I know." Of course, I was mostly interested in saving money; little did I know how good the things are.

We tried the other brands, just to make sure. Kirkland wipes are the best. We've bought many boxes over the last 2 years.

Ok- new mom here (well, almost. Future President Crumley is due early October). About buying the wipes in "bulk" form- do they not dry out? I have had that problem with the other wipes that I use for some cleaning (Lysol wipes, RainX Window wipes, etc).

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