April 23, 2004

Packing Tip: Take Some Pants

We were out shopping today with the kid, and she had a righteous blowout. The whole outfit and the blanket was knocked out of commission. The diaper bag had only a OnesieĈ in it, no pants, socks, anything; and it was too cold to just let her go commando like that, with bare legs dangling out of the Baby Bjorn.

Fortunately, I remembered Little Edie, from the classic Maysles brothers documentary, Grey Gardens. If 50-something Little Edie Bouvier and her mother (Big Edie) were anyone besides Jackie Onassis' cousins, they'd be called crazy. But money and a crumbling 20-room mansion in Easthampton meant they were just eccentric. Little Edie would wander around with sweaters pinned on her head, or buttoned around her waist like a skirt. Eccentric? She was nuts.

Nevertheless, I took the kid's hoodie--which survived the blowout--put her legs in the sleeves, and buttoned it up the back. Looked like sweat pants by the time I was done. Moral of the story: Pack a complete outfit in the bag when you go out.

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