April 12, 2004

The Baby Whisperer

On the well-behaved baby front, a doctor-in-Westchester friend recommended very highly Tracy Hoggís Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. Through anecdotes and rapid-read bullet points backed by her own and other research, Hogg explains:

  • how to introduce structure to a newborn's life, thereby carving out E.A.S.Y (Eat, Activity, Sleep, Your) time throughout the day/night.
  • some quaintly named baby types, how to figure out which one you got, and how to adapt the EASY Approach to your little bundle.
  • a surefire way to change bad habits in three days.

    Uh-huh. The cooing reviews and blurbs all sound a little chick-lit-y, but if it works, hey. There are more ways to carve out Your Time than disappearing to the office.

    Secrets of The Baby Whisperer on Amazon.

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