April 11, 2004

I'COO Photon ACW Stroller

i'coo photon stroller, image: babyrepublic.comThe Photon Stroller is from Hauck's I'COO line, which seems to be the company's slightly more urban design-y, less gearheaded brand.

It has a large shopping bag under the handles, which extend to a range of heights, and another large bin under the seat. The ACW also has solid-spoked wheels. Like other Hauck-made strollers, the Photon has bassinet/"cocoon" and car seat attachments which accommodate newborns.

The price at Baby Republic : 320.01, plus shipping to the US. [Either they're trying to squeeze every last 2-pence out of you, or 319.99 doesn't have the same shopper-appeal in England.]

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