April 11, 2004

Exotic Euro Strollers

So while I'm rummaging around online for tall-guy strollers, I found the Mini-Star line of 3-wheel/jogger strollers, manufactured by a German company called Hauck.

Turns out Hauck, in addition to making run-of-the-mill baby gear and furniture and Disney/Pooh-licensed stuff, also makes some of the raddest, daddest strollers around. [I can't believe I just typed that.]

And ye olde UK baby shoppe, Baby Republic, will ship any stroller to the US. So now there's nothing but a weak dollar standing between you and the Exotic Strollers of Europe:

1) Asahi Typhoon 4, aka "THE DADDY OF ALL PUSHCHAIRS." Cost, including shipping to the US: 415.00, Bugaboo territory. [Read a more detailed Typhoon post here]

2) Asahi Scirocco 4 Stroller , the more conventional, more affordable alternative to the Typhoon. Made in Germany by Hauck. 270.00, including US shipping, from Baby Republic. [Read a more detailed Scirocco post here.]

3) I'COO Photon ACW, a high-style stroller line for people who hate plaid, I guess. The Photon is 320.01, plus shipping. [Read a more detailed Photon post here.]

4) I'COO Pico 4 Stroller is the stroller for "unusual people in unusual situations." That unusualness costs 270.00 at Baby Republic. [Read a more detailed Pico post here.]


Have you seen the Mutsy Freerider? It seems to be Mutsy's answer to the Bugaboo. Their web site is: http://www.mutsy.com/ Once at the main page, click on Freerider on the Products drop-down menu.

The small rear wheels fold up for climbing stairs, traveling across sand or snow, etc. The drawback is it's not available in North America. It can, like the Euro Bugaboo, be fitted with a Maxi-Cosi car seat for carrying infants. No idea what the pricing is as the only store selling Mutsy products in the UK carries only the Urbanrider and I, like most 'Ugly' Americans, don't speak any language buy English. The Urbanrider, at Babystyle.co.uk, is priced at $576.13 (inc. VAT) for the chassis and deluxe seat unit. The Urbanrider, itself, does look quite cool and very maneuverable; we saw one at a local mall this past weekend.

I just got the Musty Urban Rider from Julia at http://www.jusonneuk.co.uk shipped to me from the UK, I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I must say this is an excellent Stroller. Definitly worth every penney I paid for it. I was at a local Kite Festival this weekend and could not beleive the attention that was drawn to it. My Daughter loves being in this chair. It's a comfortable ride for her, so she stays in it with a fuss. Email me if you guys have questions.

we're trying to decide between the musty, quinny and Bugaboo. Do you have any info on the wieght and width of the Musty?

weight of the freerider 12 kd wiioth out attachments, and about 65cm at the wheelk base, hope this helps.

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