April 11, 2004

Asahi Typhoon 4 Stroller

asahi typhoon 4, a 4-wheeled mountain bike for your baby, image: babyrepublic.com

Asahi Typhoon 4, aka "THE DADDY OF ALL PUSHCHAIRS," aka the German Bugaboo-killer. Asahi is the performance line of strollers from Germany's mega-baby-corp, Hauck.

As one reviewer bloke put it, "This is a cracking bit of kit. A real head turner." No kidding, it's like a 4-wheeled mountain bike, with alloy frame, adjustable handles and footrest, and independent suspension. With "carrycot" accessories, it's good from ages 0-4. Cost, including shipping to the US: 415.00, Bugaboo territory.

The Typhoon 4 Travel system includes "Buggy, Cocoon, Car seat, Cosy toes, Changing bag, Rain cover, and Adapters" for 585.00 +shipping. Blimey!

Which translated into American means: "Stroller, Bassinet attachment, Car seat, Snuggle sac, Diaper Bag, freakin' terrarium and Adapters [ok, those two are the same] for $1,071.72 +shipping. Holy %*(#!.

[see a picture of the whole system.]


This thing is definitely competing for the high end market against the bugaboo...

we love ours, though the main issue with these higher-end - large strollers is that they have limits in urban environments. We live in NYC and you just can't do the subway that easily...we also can no longer do a carseat with ours as our (just about) 5 month old has outgrown her infant car seat.

We opted for the Maclaren Quest as stroller #2. It lets you more easily cruise around and get on the bus (where strollers must collapse).

we still primarily use the Bugaboo, which is a great Daddy ride

I've heard people say that a woman can always get help hauling a stroller up the subway stairs, even a Bugaboo. A man, though, is on his own.

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