April 11, 2004

Asahi Scirocco 4 Stroller

asahi scirocco 4, a badass german stroller, image: babyrepublic.comThe German-made Asahi Scirocco 4 is the line's second tier stroller, the 5-series to the Typhoon's 7-series, the M-class to the Typhoon's G-class, the 6-piece McNugget to the Typhoon's 20-piece--whatever, you get the picture.

It comes with adjustable handle heights, a huge bin underneath, and a tubular alloy frame. Baby Republic sells this EU-only stroller for 290.00, including shipping to the US.

The Scirocco 4 Travel System, which includes a bassinet, car seat and adapters, diaper bag, and rain cover, costs 470.00, plus US shipping.

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