April 8, 2004

Egyptian and Soap Opera Baby Naming Trends

Shahd (pure honey) became popular on the back of the Ramadan 2002 soap Amira fi Abdin, which featured a character of the same name. Bawabat Al-Halawani, a soap first shown on Egyptian TV in the late 1990s, introduced the until then almost unheard of name Ashraqat (dawned) as a popular girls' name.
- Not based on any research that I can discern, this Al Ahram Weekly article gives off that don't-let-data-get-in-the-way-of-the-truth confidence of the know-it-all with the hookah. Still worth reading, though.

Related: Does your wife's absolutely favorite name come from some brainless hunk on General Hospital? Or does the name you both like happen to be somebody's slutty long-lost twin on Days of Our Lives?

Protect yourself--and your child--with the Soap Opera Baby Name Guide. [throwaway registration required.] Another, anonymous option: surf through the cast lists at Soap Opera Central, then delete your browser history.

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