April 6, 2004

No TV, and Eat Your Vegetables

Research out yesterday reveals that: excessive TV viewing before a kid is 3 years old contributes to ADD, and the tastes a kid is exposed to in the first 3-5 months (as well as the last couple of months of pregnancy?!) determine what taste preferences he'll have later.

The resulting Official Advice: NO TV before age 2, and Ladies, eat broccoli and brussel sprouts now to avoid grief later.

You could also do like we're doing: mixing uni in with the kid's formula. [KIDDING! I kid because I love. (Hmm, that'd make a cool t-shirt.)]

Anyway, childhood just got grimmer, and parenthood just got easier. Once you Find Nemo's replacement, that is.

1 Comment

I saw in previous posts that you (and another fella) sited some baby sign-language videos, and I immediately thought of this study. I wonder if the content of what's being watched plays a factor at all.

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