April 2, 2004

UBWatch: Noise

Whether a wife or a (Mass. residents only) husband, your partner thinks you make too much noise. You're annoying, and it's waking up the kid. Here are your loudest offenses, according to the posters on UrbanBaby:

-- "dropping stuff"
-- "Chas[ing] the cat around the house in a pathetic attempt to stop him from meowing"
-- "At night, I move around apt with the stealth of a cat when [the kid] is sleeping. [He] knocks into stuff, turns on lights, slams cabinets, stomps around."
-- [bonus post] "SO TRUE --I could have posted that -- I feel like a ninja I am so stealthy and he barges in like a bull in a china shop."
-- "blow[ing] his nose"
-- "thumping past baby's room in his work shoes"

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