April 2, 2004

Introducing UrbanBabyWatch

Urban Baby's message boards contain some very useful pieces of advice for dads. But they're like leaves, floating along on a giant river of estrogen. Woe to the man who tries to keep up with the flood of over 8,000 daily posts, though. And pity the fool who actually dares to ask a question; you've got an AOLer's chance in Usenet of getting an answer without setting off a flamewar from women cooped up in their apartments all day while men are off gallivanting around and-- cough cough.

So anyway, Daddy Types introduces UrbanBabyWatch, which will attempt to sift through the girltalk to find vital info for dads, advice you'd otherwise only get through exhausted, hormone-driven, tear-soaked arguments.

1 Comment

Wow, great!

My wife used to read the UB boards on a regular basis, but had to give it up because she got tired of all the bullshit from the Upper East Side moms . . . some mom would post a question about when people felt it was too early to go back to work, as she *had* to go back to work three months after, and she'd get flamed off the board by 600 moms with nothing better to do than tell her "If you can't afford to stay home, then maybe you shouldn't have had kids in the first place" or just bragging about how many millions their rich doctor husband makes, then bitching about how he's never home . . . surprise, surprise.

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