March 27, 2004

Doing Kid Laundry

Some tips arising from doing a lot more laundry all of a sudden:

We only heard about Dreft, laundry detergent for babies, like two weeks before the kid came. Apparently, it's the combination of tough-stain remover and skin-coddling that does it.

About that stain-removing power: don't underestimate your need.

Wash everything first, before the kid comes.

Socks for newborns are the quarks of the laundry world: the smallest possible unit of clothing you'll ever wash. That means you'll lose them faster than you lose adult socks. Get some kind of mesh bag to wash them in. Do they make disposable socks?

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We were happy to learn about OxyClean and figured out how to presoak in the washing machine. Baby #1 had a reflux problem for the first 6 months, so everything was covered with urp.

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