March 22, 2004

Jersey Girl, The Movie for New Dads

Kevin Smith directing Ben and Liv, image: jerseygirl-movie.comNever mind that we drove like hell through New Jersey so that our kid wouldn't be born two weeks early on the Turnpike. DaddyTypes gives a shoutout to Kevin Smith's upcoming Bennifer vehicle/after-school special, Jersey Girl, before we even see it.

Not that I'll ever actually see it, of course. What with the kid and all, I can't go to the movies anymore. I'll be picking up that DVD as soon as I return my copy of Gigli.

The Voice's, Ed Park hates the movie--along with children and puppies and love--in which lonely widower Ben Affleck makes the ultimate sacrifice--leaving Manhattan--to be a better dad to his 7-year-old daughter.

But just like a good dad who still loves his ugly child, Smith sticks up for his film. Check out Smith's engaging interview with Bryan Curtis in the NY Times. Now that's sweet.

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