March 19, 2004

Podee Hands-free Feeding System, aka The Milk Bong

plug your child into the Podee hands-free feeding system, image: podee.comIt's the baby bottle equivalent of a retractable cell phone charger cable: a slightly more convenient, significantly gadget-nerdier replacement for standard equipment. And it looks suspiciously like hardware for the beer bong you're gonna bust the kid for 16 years from now.

Of course, if you have multiple kids, or if the research is true and upright feeding actually does prevent ear infections, the Podee Hands-Free Feeding System is the perfect solution to a glaring evolutionary shortcoming: humans only have two hands.

Check the Podee corporate site for retail locations. [update from site comments: Podee is also available in bulk on]

Note: that blue apparatus strapped to the kid's forehead (lower left) is not included with the Podee Feeding System. I have no idea what the hell that is.

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