March 16, 2004

Modern Seed: way modern design for kids

House of Cards, by R&C Eames, image: modernseed.comAlthough you'd never know it from most baby/kid stores, kids and good design don't have to be mutually exclusive. And Modern Seed is an online-only shop that proves it.

There are classic design toys like House of Cards by Ray and Charles Eames, furniture like Karim Rashid's Kapsule chair/toybox, and t-shirts like your graphic design friend would make. (Actually, the site was founded by some fed-up graphic designers.) The totes+bags section is like the gift shop at the Lilith Fair, though; very NO MEN ALLOWED.

I'm sure I'll be linking back to these folks later, but for now, I'll also mention The New Basics, a "don't worry so much" book for modern parents. It's written by Dr. Michael Cohen, who the NYPost calls the "hip, must-have" pediatrician.

[Yeah, there's a worry-free parent for you, choosing his kid's doctor from Page Six.]

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