March 15, 2004

Kelty Back Country Child Carrier

Kelty Back Country Child Carrier, image: Kelty.comA dad got on my M7 bus yesterday as I was toolin' around with the kid in a Baby Bjorn. He had his 13-month-old daughter in a Back Country Child Carrier from Kelty, and he said it pretty much rocked.

It looks like a lot, mechanically, but it works pretty well, he said. A couple of new motions to learn for putting it on and taking it off your back, but it comes quickly. The carrier automatically stands on its own when you take it off, which seems vital. It weighs about 8 lbs, and he said he can go all day with it on. [That canopy comes off, by the way.]

It cracked me up, though, that we were comparing gear and traveling tips like it was a quilting bee or something. The old busybodies sitting across from us were equally amused.

Kelty KIDS line of carriers, strollers, and packs/bags.
Buy a Kelty Back Country Child Carrier from, $159.99, which has a free shipping offer through March. [I've seen the thing range up to $199 at Babies R Us, so heads up.]

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