March 10, 2004

Baby Furniture for your SoHo loft

Loft Crib by David Netto Design,

A reader asked Dwell Magazine the tough question, one that haunted us, too, as we awaited our first kid: Whey all de cool, normal baby furniture at?

Dwell's answer: cribs, changing tables, and dressers from New York interior designer David Netto, in white lacquer and ash veneer. Netto also offers well-designed accessories to complement these fine, fine furnitures. At $1,350 for the crib, the line's not cheap. [Did he say "ash veneer"?] They're being sold--rather breathlessly--at Naissance on Melrose, or on Netto's own site.

Of course, if you're outfitting "a SoHo loft, a glassy beach house, or any modern living environment," that cost equates to less than one square foot of Prince St real estate.

Still sounds like there's plenty of room in the market for cool and sanely priced.

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