March 8, 2004

Helping British lesbians doin' it for themselves

John Gonzalez, an entrepreneur in Bristol, is targeting his new fertility clinic, the Man Not Included New Life Centre, at lesbians and single women, who are an underserved market for sperm. But not why you'd think.

Turns out the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), created in 1990, mandates that "clinics must take into account a child's need for a father" before providing any fertility-related treatments. The head of HFEA, Suzi Leather [just reporting here, folks], has criticized the father clause as outdated and called for its removal.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez is no stranger to sperm. He operates, an anonymous donor sperm bank which offers convenient to-your-door delivery. The non-HFEA-regulated service has proven popular with lesbian and single women.

Sperm donor clinic for lesbians [Guardian]

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