February 21, 2004

Jeep Sahara Limited XT portable crib

any color, as long as it's black. the jeep sahara portable crib

Any color as long as it's black. If that's your buying strategy for baby gear you have to live/work with, check out the Jeep Sahara Limited XT portable crib by Kolcraft. Why did Jeep license a portable crib? Who knows, but there's not a stitch of gingham in sight.

It comes with a tent-like sun canopy, so maybe you're supposed to use it on top of a mesa. But after looking everywhere, some art dealer friends decided the Jeep crib was the only crib they could use in their gallery.

See details and buy the Jeep Sahara Limited XT portable crib at Baby Age.

1 Comment

we just got this; it's pretty good so far. It was certainly the least offensive-looking playpen/portable crib we've seen, and it works pretty well.

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