February 19, 2004

The Daddy Types Guide to Men's Rooms With Changing Tables

Upon leaving the house for the first time with my kid, and having to change her diaper out there in the cold, cruel world, I realized a couple of things:

1) Most men's rooms don't have changing tables, or even counter space big enough to change a diaper on.
2) Apparently, in addition to changing tables, many women's rest rooms have gigantic lounges, with sofas and eunuchs scattering rose petals at their feet.
3) OK, maybe not eunuchs and roses, but at least lounges and changing tables.
4) A man can get himself in a heap of trouble if he takes his kid into the women's rest room, even to change her diaper. And by trouble, I mean 200 hours of community service and a promise to expunge my record if I stay out of women's rest rooms for six months, and, umm--

Right. Because dads should be able to change a diaper at least as conveniently as women, Daddy Types is officially going on the record: there should be more changing tables in men's rooms.

Thus, the Official Daddy Types Guide to New York Men's Rooms. With Changing Tables.

Got a favorite men's room? Send it on to: mensroom< at > daddytypes < dot > com

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