February 18, 2004

"imagine you're in the forest with a thousand midwives"

... or better yet, don't.

We looked for a good yoga video for the wife to use during her pregnancy, something that was robust, but not too strenuous, and that'd easily clear her slight skeptical hurdle over western yoga culture.

Well, The New Method Pre & Post Natal Yoga ain't it. It is to yoga videos what Velveeta is to cheese. It is the Battleship Earth of yoga videos.

The set is a sponge-painted Greek temple. The instructor is Gurmukh, a Sufi faux-gi from LA, whose swooning patter is exactly what a busy, pregnant New Yorker was trying to avoid: "Imagine you're with all your sisters, a thousand years ago..." [Where? having your humeurs checked in a serf hut, with a 1-in-2 chance of dying in childbirth?] After my wife couldn't keep a straight face doing the video on her own, I offered to yogalong, which was fine until Gurmukh had us do the Kegel posture. Not yoga.

I've heard it's also the prenatal yoga DVD for sale at A Pea In The Pod. And as the Kundalini Yogi To The Pregnant Stars, Gurmukh's got a pretty well-oiled publicity machine. If you already ask yourself, "What would Reese Witherspoon do?" before buying anything, it's too late for you. Otherwise, steer clear of this downward-facing dog.

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