August 8, 1851

Between eleven and twelve, came Herman Melville

...Between eleven and twelve, came Herman Melville, and the two Duyckincks, in a barouche and pair...they proposed a ride and a pic-nic, to which I readily consented...After all, I suspect they had considered the possibility, if not probability, of my giving them a dinner; for the repast was neighter splendid nor particularly abundant--only some sandwiches and gingerbread. There was nothing whatever for Julian, except the gingerbread; for the bread, which encased the sandwiches, was buttered, and moreover had mustard on it. So I had to make the little man acquainted, for the first time in his life, with gingerbread, and he seemed to be greatly pleased until he had eaten a considerable quantity--when he becan to discover that it was not quite the thing to make a meal of. However, his hunger was satisfied and no harm done; besides that there were a few nuts and raisins at the bottom of the basket, whereof he ate and was contented. He enjoyed the ride and the whole thing exceedingly, and behaved like a man experienced in pic-nics...

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