August 7, 1851

Mr. Waldo, who had one

...Mr. Waldo, who had one of his little girls with him in the field, brought her hither for a few minutes. She is quite a pretty child, about three years old, with large dark eyes and a queer little merry face. Julian kept himself in reserve, and offered few or no attentions, except to run and get Bunny, at my suggestion. He is getting to be a boy, in this respect; that is to say, a little monster of stupid good manners. She was much tickled with Bunny, whom she took to be a kind of little cat; and I was not without hopes of disposing of this valuable animal to Mr. Waldo, for his daughter's behoof;--but he did not offer to take Bunny. I talked with him on Fourierism and kindred subjects, and he seems to be a man of thought and intelligence...

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