April 26, 2013

Playgoda On The Playa


Holy smokes, I had no idea that Gregg Fleishman, the plywood architect artist behind the Playgoda series of slot-together playground structures, is in the Burning Man business.

This will be the third year Fleishman and his collaborators are building a pavilion of chill on the open playa. The Temple of Whollyness will be 87' x 87' of interlocked wood, for hanging and contemplation.


There's a fundraising campaign, and I expect a Kickstarter will follow. Stay tuned.

Support The Temple of Whollyness [temple2013.org via dt reader nathan]
Throwback 2010: Whimsical Asian-Inspired Playhouse Debuts (sic) At Dwell on Design [inhabitots via dt reader nathan]
OG, 2008: Playgoda: Slot-Together Playground Nirvana

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