August 30, 2010

Vacctivatic Immunity!


Haha, wow, whatever you've ever said about vaccines and thimerosal and mercury and autism and herd immunity and government cover-ups and Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey and the Lancet and fabricating data to serve your litigious overlords, you're absolutely right, and it is my opinion that I completely agree with you.

So please don't sue me libel in a punitive, meritless attempt to intimidate me like that crazy vacctivist who sued Amy Wallace and Wired Magazine and Paul Offit did. Did I mention the publisher of some book that Jenny wrote a foreward for once advertised on Daddy Types?

Covering Vaccines | Science, policy and politics in the minefield [ via @felixsalmon]
An Epidemic of Fear: How Panicked Parents Skipping Shots Endangers Us All [wired oct. 2009]

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