March 19, 2010

DT Friday Freakout: Glow-In-The-Dark Edition

Wow, Spring is springing on the East Coast, about damn time, too. What alarming/depressing/overdetermined/freakout-y parenting news could possibly ruin this weekend?

  • The study that showed that good, involved dads hurt working moms' self-confidence, for one. It's because of some outdated, internalized sense of societal expectations for women-- and dads not praising moms enough. [Yahoo/LiveScience via dt reader dt]
  • More kids are getting much fatter much younger. [eurekalert]
  • "Methamphetamine abuse" during pregnancy causes more fetal brain damage than alcohol "abuse," so use the drug of skanky backwoods self-destruction in moderation. [eurekalert]
  • Babies respond more closely to music than to speech, which I am sure somehow proves that BabyPlus is real and worth $150. livescience]
  • The JPMA sent out a press release titled, "JPMA Provides Kitchen and High Chair Safety Tips," which can only mean one thing...
  • Sure enough, one of its largest members just announced the recall of 1.2 million JPMA-Certified high chairs because the screws come out, the legs collapse, and the chairs dump the kids on their heads. [CPSC: Graco Recalls Harmony™ High Chairs Due to Fall Hazard"]
  • "Who been puttin' out their coals on my baby? I said, who been puttin' out their coals on my baby?" [copyranter via the awl]
  • Scientists have given fruit flies glow-in-the-dark sperm. A kit for humans is expected at Spenser's within 3-4 years. [sciencedaily]

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