April 16, 2009

Baby Police: Whatchoo Talkin' About, Osita Iheme?

OK.... So. Baby Police. A 2004 Nigerian comedy about a gang of swindling cops led by a Bart Simpsonian 6-year-old named Dada. Who happens to be played by Osita Iheme, a short, child-like adult actor who, along with Chinedu Ikedieze, are the Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis of the Nollywood film industry.

And there's a Netflix/iTunes Store for Nigerian movies called Izogn Movies which charges $20/month?

And all this time, I thought Ougadougou was the epicenter of African cinema. Crazy.

Baby Police Trailer [youtube via dt reader other other andy]
Watch Baby Police via 5 YouTube clips [youtube]

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