January 1, 2009

Russian Auto Factory Nursery, By Margaret Bourke-White


For all the enlightening fun the archive is providing, I haven't found many images from LIFE Magazine I'd actually want to buy. But Margaret Bourke-White's incredible 1931 photograph of the nursery [sic] in a Moscow auto plant makes the list.

While a nursery consisting of a plastic tarp in the corner by the window doesn't exactly fulfill the glorious promise of the proletariat, it sure makes a helluva picture. Those babies are floating in a sun-dappled communist dreamscape.

Now if only they sold big, unframed, Family of Man-style prints, I'd be all "Yeah, capitalism!" in a second.

See the full image: "Russian children playing in a nursery in an auto plant." 1931, Margaret Bourke-White [life]

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