October 7, 2008

Study: Fans Definitely Create Breezes, May Reduce SIDS Risk

The Friday Freakout is so far away, and we'll be traveling for the holiday anyway. Besides, this is happy extremely preliminary science:

Some Bay Area physicians have published a study showing that the use of a fan--and/or an "open window" may reduce the risk of SIDS. The population study of 185 SIDS deaths and 312 randoms shows a statistically significant risk reduction a) when it was warmer, b) when infants slept on their stomach or side, and c) when infants shared a bed. There was no added risk reduction when they slept on their backs or used a pacifier.

The findings jibe with the theory that SIDS is linked to infants rebreathing carbon dioxide-heavy air, and as DT reader Mark sees it, "I would think this would lend some credibility to Halo's Mattress," which is not really a mattress per se, but a mattress-shaped air circulation device with a somewhat cushiony mesh top, which you keep in the kid's crib.

Abstract: "Use of a Fan During Sleep and the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome," Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Oct. 2008 [ama-assn.org via nyt, thanks dt reader mark]
HALO® Active-Airflow™ Crib Mattress, $245, backordered through Nov. [halosleep.com]

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