September 24, 2008

OG Detailed Dosage Info At Dr. Sears

You new dads coming up now will get a kick out of this. Back before the FDA miraculously cured all colds, coughs, and flu in kids under 2 years old, we used to actually give'em medicine when they were sick.

We'd look up the medicine by brand name and even product name in the Medicine Cabinet section of Dr. Sears' site, then we'd cross-check the active ingredients, and then look up the recommended dosage based on age and/or weight. Before we'd give it to the kid, we'd doublecheck our calculations on a slide rule. And if the medicine didn't work, we'd call the phlebotomist in to apply leeches and rebalance her humeurs.

I never would've guessed it, but Dr. Sears still has all the meds, ingredients and old timey dosage info on the site. For entertainment purposes only, I'm sure, just to give people a flavor of the good old days of 2007.

"Warning: All four types of cough and cold medications are NO LONGER APPROVED for kids younger than 2 years of age." Dr. Sears Medicine Cabinet []

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