May 7, 2008

DT Headline Roundup: First, The Bad Ideas Edition


  • So a family from Northern Ireland goes to Portugal for a little vacation, by the evening, the parents are puking, the kids [ages 6, 2, and 1] are in protective custody, and there's a court appearance set for drunken endangerment. At which point the parents hop a plane back to Northern Ireland. I can't make sense of what happened or where the kids are from this choppy Times of London report, but it includes this awesome, awesome sentence: "Emergency services on the Algarve said it was common to have to take British parents to hospital after falling into alcoholic comas." [timesonline via dt reader ep]
  • So Fox is considering a show called Bad Dads, a To Catch A Predator-style vigilante show for dads who don't pay child support. Someone at the Washington Post and/or the Orlando Sentinel thinks this is a bad idea, and so does Glenn Sacks, the world's most powerful dad advocate. [orlandosentinel via dt reader ponch]
  • Yuppie hippies are now avoiding vaccinations in significant enough numbers to cause measles outbreaks in Southern California's crunchier pre-schools. To blame: the Thimerosal-causes-autism meme. You know what this situation needs? More bloggers shouting either "pharma cover up!" or "no scientific evidence!" Also, some equivocating politicians. [machinist via dt reader jj daddy-o]
  • So it should surprise no one that SUV sales have dropped sharply, but now says that minivans and 3-row crossovers are doing poorly, too. Station wagons, of course, are still dead. [ via dt reader, umm, I lost it, sorry]
  • Finally, some good news: a child has found her lost record. If you were looking for the record of Danny Kaye reading Grimm's fairy tales that used to make you double up with laughter as a child, then head right on over to the vintage children's vinyl mp3 collection at It's GLP 92, right below A Child's Introduction To Gilbert and Sullivan Move over, Sideshow Bob! [ via dt reader catherine]

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