April 1, 2008

From Germany To Silverlake With Love: Flototto Kids Chair


So we went poking around Silverlake today, the girls and I. Yolk is nice. But hey-o, Monkeyhouse Toys?? Awesome. The hyper-indie toy store has more than a few kidult-oriented toys, but first and foremost, it's a toy store for actual kids. It's like a scruffy version of Yoyamart, only with more original art and independent designers.

I'll post a few other Monkeyhouse finds, but first up are these sweet kid-sized, stackable school chairs. They're by Flototto, a German designer [Elmar Flototto] and manufacturer, and I think they date from the 70's or early 80's. They weigh a ton; those steel & chrome legs were designed with heavy use, not cost-cutting, in mind. And the molded seats are...I want to say they're ply, because they have unique grains. But they also have embossed logos on the underside, and a slightly crackly seat area. Maybe they're melamine, or resin-coated ply? It's a mystery.

What's clear, though, is that they're pretty sweet, and Monkeyhouse has a bunch of them, starting at $95 apiece.

Monkeyhouse Toys, on Silver Lake Blvd [monkeyhousetoys.com]

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