December 21, 2007

Bugaboo Bee Nest For Christmas, Graco Adapters For St. Patrick's Day

I swear, I was going to do a Bugaboo Bee unboxing post, but the reality is, opening the Bee is the diametric opposite experience of unlocking the mysteries of the Frog, et al.: you just open the box, pop the front wheels in, and go.


When the Bugaboo folks sent a press release with newborn Nests and car seat adapters in the subject line, I was stoked, thinking there'd be no better Christmas present than a newborn-compatible Bee. Well...

Though the Nests are available now, it'll still be March before the car seat adapters show up. And that's just the Graco, no mention of Maxi-Cosi or Peg Perego at all... Hope you had a backup Christmas plan.

From the awesome dollar parity dept: Modern Kid in Canada has the Bee Nest for $141, only $41.01 over retail! []
It's more normally priced at amazon/right start [amazon]

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