December 14, 2007

DT Advertisers Will Let You Gatecheck Any Size Stroller You Want

A shoutout in this holiday season to the fine advertisers over >> >> here, on the right, and their no-weight-limit approach to checked baggage:

  • The Cradle, a new resource and online community for expectant parents. [yes, by definition, they rock.]
  • Avalisa, a design studio dedicated to helping people both big and small experience life more fully through color and design. [translation at the moment: sweet wall art, wool rugs, games, and custom stuff.]
  • Cookie Magazine, whose second annual Smart Cookie Award will net some well-connected mom some nice coin.
  • Sparkability, a reliable source for the latest in good stuff for babies and kids
  • Kajeet, providers of mobile phone solutions for kids that parents can manage and feel comfortable with. On a side note, every time I see that hilarious Oshiri Kajiri Mushi video that was so popular with the Japanese kids this summer, the lyrics make me think of Kajeet. ["kajitte, kajitte, kajittemo..."] Try it, and see if you don't suddenly want to get your kid her own phone, even though she's only 15 months.

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