August 31, 2007

Decide Your Own Lead Levels By Making Your Kid's Toys Yourself!

If you're sick of waiting for months--or even years--for a recall to find out just how much lead is in your kid's Made In China toys, have I got the blogpost for you! Craftzine has rounded up a giant list of how-to resources for make-it-yourself toys. That way, YOU can control just how much brain-damaging toxins you want your kid exposed to [None mention mercury, but be creative!]

My favorite is this adorable stuffed model from the swingin' London photoshoot scene in Antonioni's Blow-Up, from a pattern published by Wee Wonderfuls. Someone's mom made it. And unless you're Rosie Grier or one of those knit-happy snowboarder types, I suspect that pattern will be followed for most of the other toys on the list, too.


Safe Toys You Can Make [craftzine]

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