July 16, 2007

So Far, It's Mostly The Cats Named Soterios Johnson

The NY Sun is a few years late discovering the popularity of WNYC radio announcer Soterios Johnson among the McSweeney's-and-Flickr-loving crowd. So far, there's a Jonathan Coulter song [old], a band [new], and more than a few pets named after him, but no babies--that he knows of:

he recalled hearing his name called during an East Village house party; turning around, he realized the hostess was beckoning her cat.

Several years ago, a listener named Pascale Alexis sent an e-mail message to the station to say she was expecting her second child, and was considering the name Soterios, for a boy. "It has such a nice sound, and I associate it with Soterios Johnson — he's always so pleasant on the radio," Ms. Alexis, who ended up giving birth to a girl, said in an interview.

Soterios Johnson: 'It's Like He's a Rock Star' [nysun via gawker]

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