April 26, 2007

Musical Furnishings: It's A Table! It's A Marimba! It's A Table! It's A--


Artist/woodworker Tor Clausen turned a slaphappy, musical lunch at a picnic table into a couple of patents, and then he turned a couple of patents and the family woodworking tradition into a business making solid hardwood musical furniture.

Tor Studio makes playable coffee tables, storage chests, even porch swings, but they also make kid-sized tables with a marimba built into the top. [The matching musical chair taunts us from the website; production will hopefully resume soon.]

The kid's furniture comes in the same traditional stains as the other pieces, or in a more whimsical [...] primary colored finish made of non-toxis German wax paint. [I don't know, either, just that there's no white or black.]

Mallets and songbooks are included. Earplugs are not. I think this one stays in the kid's room.

Musical Furnishings, $600-900, plus apparently supercheap UPS shipping
The one-table-band with drums, chimes and cymbals is $1,400 [musicalfurnishings.com via notcot.org]

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