March 21, 2007

Beck Sketchel Diaper Bag, Beck Stickers, Beck Beck Beck Beck Beck


Beck loves the artists to do his album covers. He collaborated with a friend, Jeremy Blake, on a previous album, and on his latest release, The Information, he and twenty graphic/street/sticker artists from around the world put together various sets of stickers in the "unique Beck aesthetic" that you could use to decorate your otherwise blank CD case. [collect'em all!]


I don't know about your kid, but our kid has been a sticker fiend for over a year now. What a racket, that Mrs. Grossman must be cackling all the way to the bank. But I tell you, I'd rather peel Beckian stickers off the back of the car headrests--and off the chair legs, and the book spines, and the fridge--than 99.99% of the fluffy, puffy, gnarly-sweet crap stickers in the world today. Never mind that I'm five months behind hearing that Beck has a new album out in the first place...

I knew he had a kid, though, so even though the black polyurethane vinyl shoulder bag he did with one of those sticker artists, Genevieve Gauckler, and some Aussie people named Jeremyville is called a Sketchel, we all know it carries diapers, too. No man with a kid goes to the trouble of designing his own manbag without at least contemplating its use as a baby caddy.

The Beck Sketchel is $90 [ via notcot]
Buy The Information on Amazon, and see how Beckwits around the world decorated their CD's at [ via designobserver]

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